Alluring Americas – The Galapagos

Galapagos seasons

There are two marked seasons in the Galapagos.

It’s worth remembering that they are tropical islands and always warm and whenever you go to Galapagos, there is always a lot happening.

Dec-May – warm season

  • Warmer, wetter season
  • Sunshine and chance of showers
  • Warm days (72-89°F)
  • Calm seas (around 70°F)
  • January, February, and March the warmest
  • Great for snorkeling

These warmer months begin with the arrival of the warm Panama current, which brings with it calm, warm waters (around 70°F) and sunny days (72-89°F).

January, February, and March being the hottest and sunniest months with blue skies and sunshine.

The islands receive slightly more rainfall during these months, occasional heavy bursts in the afternoon, although most of the lower elevations stay quite dry.

Great for snorkeling and you can spend a lot of time in the water without wetsuits, with great, clear waters.

Late March and April there is an explosion of blossom, and many birds are mating, plus turtles nest on beaches.

Jun-Nov – cooler season

  • Dryer, cooler season
  • Morning mist (garua) burns off during the day
  • Fresher days (but still warm) at (60-72°F)
  • Cooler, sometimes choppier seas (60-72°F)
  • Fantastic marine life
  • Great snorkeling, wetsuit needed

From June to November are the cooler drier months, all of which is relative as the Islands are on the equator and are almost always pretty warm. It’s a great time for marine life as the plankton rich waters attract a multitude of marine life – and sea birds looking for a fish for supper.